About Us

Dumbwaiters Australia has been distributing motorised television & projector lifts for over ten years, we have seen many types of lifts come & go, rack & pinion, the system we manufacture, continues to be the most reliable lift in the world today.

We also manufacture a range of dumbwaiters (service lifts) specifically for residential dwellings, using our rack & pinion drive system which eliminates the need for regular maintenance & reduces the space required to fit our dumbwaiter - as no motor pit is required.

Dumbwaiters Australia are registered with Worksafe & comply with Australian Standards 1735-4 & AS 60204-1:2005.

The applications for a Dumbwaiters Australia product are endless. Staircases are a necessary evil in our residences and places of business, and can pose major safety concerns and inconvenience. The reliability of Dumbwaiters Australia dumb waiters means you are never left without an alternative to journey up a treacherous staircase with a heavy delicately balanced load.




Rack & Pinion Mechanism

Rack & Pinion dumbwaiters continue to be the most reliable lifts in the world today. We use the highest quality components and this is reflected in our performance. The car movement is refined to the point that a fully charged drinking glass can be transported from one level to another without spilling a drop, time after time.

Dumbwaiters Australia dumbwaiters are registered with WorkSafe & comply with Australian Standards AS1735-4 & AS 60204-1:2005.

Dumbwaiter Control 

Dumbwaiters are SMART! Every system we supply and install has carefully thought out safety measures in place to protect you and your investment. Smooth and reliable operation is available at the touch of a button. Let the dumbwaiter do the work.

Service Lift Features

  • 240 V AC single phase power
  • Minimal moving parts
  • Rack & Pinion drive mechanism
  • Roller Shutter internal door
  • Electronic door locks